Starter Doula Website Templates

Are you ready for a quality website but perhaps not yet ready for a custom website design? My affordable starter website templates are designed for birth and postpartum professionals who want a beautiful mobile responsive website that is easy to use and has room to grow with your business. We make the template 100% yours with your unique colors, fonts, images & content. Even better? We build the site in under 2 weeks!

Introducing…my doula website templates
“Vida”, “Angela”, “Lucy” & “Sophie” >>>

Here’s How It Works >>

1) We prepare for your website build.

Your first steps will be to write your website content, choose images, and explore fonts & colors. My Website Birth Plan questionnaire will help you consider your website vision & needs, and your free copy of my Website Birth Plan ebook will help you write content. To get clear our design plan, we share a 30 minute initial orientation call and a one hour design planning call.

2) I build your website

Once you’ve gathered your site content, fonts, colors and images (with my guidance) we are ready to roll. I devote two days to clients using the Sophie one-page template, and 1-2 weeks to clients who choose the 7-page Vida, Lucy or Angela templates. I ask that you be available for feedback as we go.

3) I teach you how to care for your website.

I want to be sure you have 100% confidence in using & updating your website. You will receive a custom training video tutorial specific to your website, and access to my private client tutorials page. We’ll share a final training phone call after launch to answer all your questions.

A beautiful holistic, compassionate approach…

I so appreciated her gentle pushes to expand my thought process about what exactly it was I was wanting to convey. Building a web site is so much more than words, it is finding who you are at the core level and Sarah helped me do that! She is so very warm and easy to talk with, encouraging and giving subtle suggestions that opened new ideas. She was definitely my doula.

Sarah is so much more than a birth website genre! She has a beautiful holistic, compassionate approach and it could be used in any realm of the birthing, holistic, spiritual world. I would never hesitate to recommend you to anyone I know in or out of the birth world to work with her to build their dream!

Sarah never added stress to the experience, she only alleviated it!

Doula Website Template Testimonial

Sarah had the perfect balance of guiding me through my web design; stepping up to be directive when I needed firm guidance, and understanding and flexible in time when I needed to find my own way. She will empower you to own the process of building your website, translating your feelings into a visual expression of your business that looks and feels exactly as you dreamed it would.

Malika Hook Muhammad

Excerpt from an email to my client…

doula website review

“My sister told me to call a doula and sent me your website. I’m not into hippy, earthy stuff and was prepared to quickly discredit her advice. But then I saw your website and was blown away! It’s laid out so beautifully and highlights how seriously you take your business so I figured, I HAVE to call this woman. Anyone with a website this nice must know what they’re talking about and I’m looking forward to meeting you!”

M.K., due in May - hired my client based on her website.

Even doulas need doulas, and can you believe I found a website one?

“Unlike a birth doula and client, Sarah and I didn’t have several months to spend getting to know each other before the “birth” of my doula website, but we really didn’t have to: she immediately tapped into what I needed and wanted, even during those moments when I really didn’t know what I needed or wanted myself. She was responsive, warm, not afraid to make suggestions or offer alternatives, quick-working, and best of all, she made a gorgeous site for me! The custom tutorials were a big bonus, too. When your working relationship with Sarah has ended, you’ll feel more empowered and confident than you did before: not only in taking over the maintenance of your beautiful new website, but in moving forward with your business and passion.”

Heather Marr, Birth Doula
Rio Doula

Is my starter website package a good fit for you?

As your website doula I will be 100% devoted to the birth of your new website with my time, care, and creativity. It is important to me that each client I work with chooses the right package for her business needs. One of my starter website templates is a great fit if your budget is limited, but you still want a site that is unique and custom designed for your needs. I designed these templates with plenty of room to grow, so we can further customize your website as your needs change.

Your Starter Website

COST: Starts at $800 for a one-page Sophie website and $1800 USD for a customized starter Vida, Lucy, or Angela template website (50% deposit required, with up to a three month payment plan for the balance.) Additional pages or design changes to the original template are billed at $95/hour. You will need to pay for your domain name and hosting.

Not quite the right fit for you? Explore my other website design and support options.

If you're well established in your practice and ready to take it to the next level, perhaps you are ready for a custom website design? Or perhaps you will decide to build your own website with my hourly support? My ebooks & courses are designed to grow your skills and independence as a business owner, including search engine optimization.


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