Building your own website? Let me help.

Perhaps you have a website, but it’s just not quite what you need it to be. You’d love to rebuild, but that isn’t in the budget right now. Or maybe you are working hard to build your own site, and hitting tech issues that you just can’t quite figure out. Building a DIY website can feel a lot like being stuck at 6 cm for many long hours in labor, and skilled compassionate support can make all the difference!

From content feedback to code changes, I offer practical guidance and insight to take your website to the next level.

I hired Sarah for technical support… she provided a LOT more…

Lisa Birth and Postpartum Doula

“I hired Sarah to provide me with technical support as I built my website. It turned out she provided me with a LOT more, helping me really explore who I was as a doula, and what I had to uniquely offer my clients. Together we built a website that truly represents me and one that I am so very proud of.

Sarah is equally proficient in helping with the big picture of my practice, the tiniest details of fonts, and everything in-between. Her technical skills kept our work progressing quickly. I was concerned about completing this task long-distance, but with Sarah it was effortless. We would schedule a conversation then she would go right to work on what we discussed and was available to take my questions by email. She showed great patience with me and kept me going even when I thought the task had become bigger than I could handle. She “doula’d” me along with the utmost care.”

Lisa C.
Birth and Postpartum Doula

I have done things that I thought I couldn’t do.

prenatal yoga teacher

Words can’t express the gratitude I feel for Sarah’s talent, expertise, and support in creating a new, amazing website that reflects the essence of my business. I was very fearful of doing this and have done things in the last 3 months that I thought I couldn’t do. I originally was skeptical that we could achieve this in such a short period of time, but she had all the tools and tricks for us to do this within my budget and the time we originally allocated to the project. It has been just a few days since my new site is live and I have received many inquiries and compliments. I couldn’t be happier with the results of our work together.

She was not only able to help with design, graphics and the feel for my new site, she was able to provide guidance when it came to language, tone of voice and content.

“I came across Sarah, the Website Doula, through Facebook. I needed to redesign my website and needed help in doing so. I was looking for someone with great technical abilities, but also someone who understood the intricacies of birth and postpartum doula work.

As a former doula, Sarah totally fit the bill! She was not only able to help with design, graphics and the feel for my new site, she was able to provide guidance when it came to language, tone of voice and content. I am extremely happy with my new website, have had excellent feedback from clients and I highly recommend Sarah to help you with yours!!”

Sylvia Otvos, Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula

She empowered me with the tools I needed while taking care of the many details behind the scenes…

Sarah offered the perfect support for the creation of my new website. Her years of experience as a doula combined with her savvy tech skills were exactly what I needed. I felt understood as a birth professional AND completely taken care of in the many areas of website design and implementation. Throughout the entire process, Sarah was encouraging, patient and knowledgable. My site is both beautiful and highly functional. I loved co-creating with her, and am in love with my website. I couldn’t be happier!

With Sarah’s help and focus, I’m happy to say that my website is a true refection of me and my work.

“With Sarah’s help and focus, I’m happy to say that my website is a true reflection of me and my work. Many web designers don’t have a real understanding of how to help a practitioner express their voice and speak to their clients in an authentic and meaningful way. Sarah understands how important it is for holistic practitioners to reach their audience without feeling insincere.

She helped me streamline my many services, into a connected, coherent site which is welcoming and easy to navigate. She also helped me learn some valuable skills so that I could maintain and update my website as needed.”

I truly thanked my lucky stars for you…

My blog and I needed a calm, helping hand when things went wonky last spring. Technology is not my bag, but Sarah made me feel like that was okay, and she even managed to make my technological confidence grow a bit, which is no small miracle. She took care with my concerns and polished my blog up one piece at a time until it sparkled again, truly better than new.I absolutely recommend her to anyone who needs gentle guidance and support with the web projects near and dear to your heart. I will not hesitate to call on her again when the going gets rough.

I have sadly deleted her as admin on my site. I’ve been keeping her there because it’s so reassuring!”

Kelli Samson

I am not a computer expert, and she was so patient with me.

“I found working with Sarah very easy. I am not a computer expert, and she was so patient with me. I did spend quite a bit of time going through her packet to help me think through my needs for my new website and how to reach my “ideal client.” She did not push me into specific designs but considered my style and I am so pleased with the results.

I have seen an increase in enrollment for my Bradley Childbirth Classes since my site went live, and am sure that the SEO work that she did was a big help with the increase. All my classes have been full! I cannot recommend Sarah more highly.”

Sarah leaves you empowered to grow your business going forward…

“Sarah was amazing! Before working with her, my site literally did not come up in google searches. She helped me completely redesign my site and showed me how to integrate the necessary keywords and formatting to make sure Google can find me. The best thing about Sarah is instead of just doing it for you, she gives you the tools and information to do it yourself. It leaves you empowered to grow your business going forward without relying on help from others. I am finally showing up on Google and am getting inquiries from my site!”

Placenta Encapsulation and Doula Care

My experience with Sarah went beyond having a designer…

birth doula and childbirth educator

“My experience with Sarah went beyond having a designer make changes to my website. She worked with me to reconsider elements of my business plan, encouraged me to put a high value on myself and on my services, and asked questions that allowed me to truly hone in on my target market and business goals. I’m so glad I found Sarah and will be coming back to her with any web design help that I might need in the future.”

I appreciated that Sarah came to the table with more than just web design skills. Her background in birth work meant that she automatically understood many of my goals, desires, and hopes.

birth doula and childbirth educator

“Sarah was a delight to work with. A true professional every step of the way, I knew that I could trust her to make changes in line with my vision and make the best use of the hours and money I budgeted for this project. As a doula and childbirth educator, I appreciated that Sarah came to the table with more than just web design skills. Her background in birth work meant that she automatically understood many of my goals, desires, and hopes. Always the educator, she handed the reins to me when she knew that I could handle a task and taught me how to keep my website up to date moving forward. She was the perfect combination of designer and mentor and helped me feel validated and motivated to make important changes on my website.”

For a small business, the investment in working with Sarah felt like a pretty big risk.

Doula Business Coaching Testimonial

Your business is worth the investment, and you will definitely see a return. The skills and tools you’ll learn making the most of your online space will be carried forward throughout the life of your business. Sarah really understands our work as doulas and childbirth educators and how that impacts the way we present ourselves online.

Rachel Parris

Working with Sarah turned the daunting task of redesigning my site into something achievable and fun…

“Let me start by saying, I am not techy. The idea of website creation was really overwhelming to me. Even the idea of working with a designer or developer was overwhelming. What would I say? How could I communicate my needs? I couldn’t just hand control over to someone else. I had ideas. I needed help to formulate them. I reached out to the wonderful Sarah Juliusson, on the other side of the world. She was exactly what I needed. There is no force equal to that of a determined woman. With Sarah’s hand-holding and kind encouragement I have mastered WordPress!

Working with Sarah turned the daunting task of redesigning my site into something achievable and fun. Sarah helped me realize my vision in the creative process while empowering me with the skills to maintain and update the site myself – something I’ve never been able to do before. Now my site is truly mine!”

You really understand the business dynamics of being a doula and how that should translate to a website.

DIY Website Review

“Thank you so much for all of your help. I really love my website and feel so much more secure and confident in my online presence! I have already been told by two clients how they appreciated being able to get to know me from my website, which was totally our goal! I loved working with you! You were somehow able to listen to my thoughts and turn them into my dream website.”

Alison Wehr

Working with Sarah is pure pleasure! She is delightful, grounded, and deeply knowledgeable.

“Working with Sarah is pure pleasure! She is delightful, grounded, and deeply knowledgeable. I began working with her through her ecourse ‘SEO Birth Plan’. It brought me into a world I knew little about and gave me confidence to both expand the back-end and enhance the user-side of my website. After the class I knew she was the one to hire to upgrade my website. She was wonderful with communication. She was clear about the path. And incredibly supportive with any questions. Technology almost always gets complicated, and Sarah navigated through any challenge with grace. I will absolutely work with her again. This is just the beginning! Thank you so much, Sarah. Xoxo.”

The Website Doula package has more than paid for itself.

It has been about 6 months since I finished working with Sarah and I can honestly say that the Website Doula package I purchased has more than paid for itself. My website is beautiful and getting more traffic than ever before. And most importantly, I’m booking more clients!  Sarah is so friendly and helpful and amazingly knowledgeable about web design and search engine optimization. I highly recommend her services!

Postpartum Doula, Prenatal Yoga Instructor and Lactation Counselor
Yes, Your Website Can Have a Doula!

My DIY website support offers birth professionals who want to build their own WordPress website the best of both worlds. I am by your side as your website doula to guide your vision and design to help you make the most of your website. Whether you are just starting out, or feeling stuck getting your template to do what you want it to do(!), a small dose of outside perspective and practical skills will bring your website to the next level. As your website doula I can help you solve coding challenges, re-think your website flow and organization, or put in place strategies to help your site show up in search.

Stuck at 6cm? Let me help.
Just a few hours of DIY website help can make a BIG difference!

Hourly Website Doula Care

You can select from a range of hourly website support packages. Much like postpartum doula care, you let me know the type of website support you need, and I make additional suggestions for improved formatting, content, search engine optimization and client conversion. My work on your site can include any of the following:

  • Initial WordPress and theme installation
  • Live & video tutorial sessions to learn the ropes of building your site
  • Phone calls to provide live guidance, feedback, and virtual shoulder massage...
  • Content review and guidance
  • Template code changes to adjust colors, font, and site structure
  • Custom graphics for your sidebar boxes
  • Search engine optimization guidance and implementation
  • Plugin installation & set-up
  • Special features such as online registration and payment options
  • Social media integration

Is DIY Website Doula Care for You?

Building your own website is a big leap, but totally doable for those willing to dive into a bit of a learning curve with curiousity and the willingness to take risks. Even just a few hours of DIY website doula care support can make the difference between an exercise in frustration and a successful website build. If you've reached a place where you're just not clear on how to move forward with your website and need it to work better for your business, I am here to help!

Get the Support You Need

COST: Choose hourly website support ($125/hour), packages of 5+ hours ($110/hour).

Not quite the right fit for you? Explore my other website design options.

If you're not sure building your own site is the right fit for you, and you think you might be ready to pass this task on to someone with the time & skills to help this be Easy(!), take a look at my website design packages! I offer highly flexible starter doula website templates along with custom website design. My ebooks & courses are designed to grow your skills and independence as a business owner, including search engine optimization.

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