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Custom WordPress Website Design

Are you ready for your dream website? My custom WordPress website packages allow us to work together to envision and craft a beautiful new website that works just the way you need it to to support your business growth. My approach to website design is very collaborative, allowing ample opportunities to offer feedback and make design tweaks to ensure that the site we create is the best possible representation of your practice online.

My unique perspective as a web designer, business coach, and seasoned birth professional means I nurture both you and your website every step of the way.

More clients have found me online within the past month than ever before…

“Business is growing, and I’ve gotten more clients who have found me online within the past month than ever before. People are definitely responding to the new site!  I loved working with Sarah! Because she understood my work as a birth/holistic health professional, she really captured the vision I had for my site. I loved that I was really involved in the process and Sarah was patient with me through it all. I’m so pleased with the outcome and highly recommend her!”

A unique blend of technical savvy, business acumen, deep listening and creativity.

“Sarah is creative genius in motion. She teased out truths that were ready to shine in my business – things I hadn’t previously crystallized – and gently and competently provided them safe passage into a new online presence. I feel even more clear about the direction of my business.

Sarah has the ability to dive deep – she listens deeply, speaks from knowledge and experience, and is willing to try new things! It was a pure joy for me to see and sense how much FUN she was having as she created my site. I also appreciated knowing that she focused primarily on the building of my site during the time frame we agreed upon, and has plenty of resources and tutorials available to help guide the way. It felt good knowing we were both rowing the boat together, at the same time.

My website has already paid for itself!

birth doula website

I just wanted you to know I got an inquiry from a prospective doula client who said she really loved my website and felt a connection to me based on the information and pictures. She also said the signed video was the deal breaker on who to call. She’s not deaf, but works with kids with disabilities and felt my experience with deaf people would indicate I was her kind of doula. So, thank you again for all your guidance and helping my business have an awesome website.”

I had been using a DIY website for about five years and was tired and frustrated by the limitations…

Catherine Doula and Parent Educator

When I hired Sarah I had been using a DIY website for about five years. I was tired and frustrated by the limitations on what I could do, even though I had taught myself a lot over the years. Unless I wanted to learn how to code, I knew it was time to hire a professional. I have no regrets about choosing Sarah! From the start, I was impressed. She came to our visioning call with a format in mind and lots of free/affordable resources to help me gather what I needed in order to complete my part of the work.

One bonus I found to working with Sarah is her wonderful way with words. During our visioning call, she would rattle off phrases that were exactly what I wanted to convey and I could barely keep up with my note taking, trying to capture her wording! I am not a bad writer, but I think that Sarah’s editing and suggestions improved the language on my site quite a bit.

She did a wonderful job of balancing giving guidance with being responsive to my concerns about particular details. I’ve heard that sometimes other people using website designers have long delays and other similar frustrations. Working with Sarah I did not experience any of that. She’s also a lovely person to work with–smart, funny and responsible. I would encourage anyone interested in a new website to contact Sarah for some great website doula-ing!

She truly did doula me through the process…

birth doula website

When I decided I needed a new website, I felt overwhelmed and put it off for a long time. Then I found Sarah! She was spot on in understanding my vision and helping me achieve it. Even though I resisted a little, I learned so many things about SEO, layout and design features, editing, and “secret codes” along the way.

She was patient and encouraging and helped me see my potential; exactly what I strive to do for my own doula clients every day! The final product was quite different than I had envisioned initially, but it is oh so much better than what I had come up with in my imagination. Hire a pro, it makes all the difference! Thank you, Sarah, for guiding me every step of the way. You were MY calming presence!

Sarah’s focus, knowledge and encouragement made the process enjoyable…

“I am so grateful that I had Sarah design and build my website. She truly is a website doula extraordinaire! I had already worked with one designer, but got stuck in the process and felt discouraged.

Sarah’s focus, knowledge and encouragement made the process enjoyable. When I felt overwhelmed, she broke it down into manageable steps. When I felt stuck she encouraged me on. She offered the perfect balance between supporting me in the process and getting the job done. Thank you Sarah!”

Laurie Kohl

I was surprised that I actually enjoyed the process of creating my website…

birth doula

“I can’t believe that we have done it! It has meant a lot to me that she didn’t make me feel bad or wrong as I went through my process. I loved how she likened it to birthing, and let me know that we would go through the “process”, and that we WOULD come out with a website at the end, especially when I was doubting myself! Her encouragement was priceless, and I’m amazed that she got me to do things that I never would have been able to make myself do.

I was surprised that I actually enjoyed the process of creating my website, though I did procrastinate at certain points. Sarah was always there, not pushing me, but checking in at the times we had agreed upon, and encouraging me in the most helpful ways. I appreciated her initiative with formatting and fonts, after a small bit of direction from me. I am very happy with my site, and am getting great reviews.”

She has clear, streamlined systems and workflows to help you move the daunting task of building a website forward…

placenta encapsulation

“Completing my website was a huge hurdle for me and hiring Sarah was by far the best thing I ever did to overcome that hurdle. Her resources, guidance, encouragement and feedback were exactly what I needed as a birth professional, a business owner and a working mama! She knows the ins and outs of both the birth world and website/marketing world.

She has clear, streamlined systems and workflows to help you move the daunting task of building a website forward. I return back to her website regularly for wisdom and resources, and continue to learn so much about mindful, holistic business practices, valuing myself and my services, and how to market them.”

Her experience as a seasoned birth worker really gave her insight…

childbirth educator website

I contacted Sarah with the idea that I wanted to create a website. I had no background at all in website development and didn’t know where to start. This is where Sarah stepped in to help guide and mentor me along the way in making this website come to life. There were moments where I was ready to stop, not knowing what to do next. She helped encourage me and take another step, which then turned into another, and finally into a finished product.

I’m still so surprised and thrilled to see what developed as the final product considering where we started! Her experience as a seasoned birth worker really gave her insight into what I was trying to say. This combined with her website expertise and her gentle way of doulaing me through the process helped me to realize that this was achievable. Sarah was an absolute pleasure to work with and is an exceptional doula for the birth worker developing a website and business.

Here's what a custom website design offers you:

1) We prepare for your website build.

The initial stage may take a few weeks or months, depending on how much time you need to write your website content, choose design elements, and collect images. My Website Birth Plan questionnaire will help you explore your website vision and needs, and two one hour coaching calls before the build will help us get clear on our design vision. To ensure you're on the right track, I will offer feedback on your content and design elements to help you engage and inspire potential clients. You will also enjoy free access to my SEO Birth Plan eCourse on search engine optimization (value $99), and a free copy of my The Website Birth Plan ebook to help you with writing content.

2) I build your website.

We're ready to build your custom WordPress website once you've gathered your site content, fonts, colors and images. With a 3 week window devoted to your website build, we go live within 21 days of your start date. Our design time together includes ample chance for feedback to refine site design features and formatting.

3) I'll teach you everything you need to know.

I want to be sure you have 100% confidence in using & updating your website. You will receive a custom training video tutorial specific to your website, and access to my private client tutorials page. We’ll share a final training phone call after launch to answer all your questions. One month after we launch, we will share a final coaching call, offering the opportunity to make final design tweaks, and discuss your online strategy.

Is my custom website package a good fit for you?

As your website doula I will be 100% devoted to the birth of your new website with my time, care, and creativity. It is important to me that each client I work with chooses the right package for her business needs. My custom sites are a great fit for birth, postpartum and holistic practitioners who have a strong existing practice, are ready to invest in their business, and want to see it grow grow. Do the math, and you'll you see that even just a few extra clients over the next few months will more than cover your investment.

Affordable Custom Design

COST: $3500 USD (25% deposit required at the time we begin, with up to a six month payment plan for the balance.) Additional pages or features billed at $95/hour. You will need to pay for your domain name and WordPress hosting.

Patience and support – just like a birth doula – make Sarah a great person to work with…

Megan Birth Doula

“When I started looking a designer for an overhaul of my very basic website I knew I had found the right person in Sarah. She is so clear and concise; it was obvious that her custom website design was meant for someone like me. We designed a new site from the ground up – content, design, branding and SEO. I really appreciated how she made sure I understood what was needed every step of the way, and helped me flesh out my ideas. I am so happy with the site; it’s exactly what I envisioned: Fresh, fun, clean and professional. The inquiries are already rolling in, so it’s also pleased my ideal client, which is exactly what it should be doing!”

Lovely to work with – smart, funny & responsible.

Catherine Doula and Parent Educator

“When I hired Sarah I was feeling frustrated by the limitations of my DIY website. It was time to hire a professional, and I have no regrets about my choice! From the start, I was impressed. She came to our visioning call with a design in mind and lots of free/affordable resources to help me get ready for my new site. Her wonderful way with words was a bonus. During visioning calls, she would rattle off wording that was exactly what I wanted to convey and I could barely keep up trying to write it all down! Her suggestions improved my site content quite a bit.

She did a wonderful job of giving guidance while also being responsive to my concerns and questions. I’ve heard that sometimes other people using designers have long delays and similar frustrations. Working with Sarah I did not experience any of that. She’s also a lovely person to work with–smart, funny and responsible. I would encourage anyone to contact Sarah for some great website doula-ing!”

Sarah is knowledgeable, kind and pretty damn awesome!

Kristin Smith, Creator of The Birth Bag

After building her first site with me… “The best business decision I ever made was to hire Sarah to replace my WIX site with a custom WordPress website. I can not believe the difference it has made in just 3 weeks! I now show up on the first page of google, with 10 new clients in the past week! It was a smooth, stress free experience.

Two years later… “Sarah is my website doula. I have birthed 2 sites with her, plus a site makeover, and we’re about to welcome a 3rd site into the world! When we first worked together, I had no knowledge of anything related to the web. Sarah was so patient, guiding me with video tutorials to navigate behind the scenes. The more we work together, the more confident I become!

As a doula, I love receiving a picture of a positive pregnancy test from a repeat client. I’m sure when Sarah gets an email from me with the subject line “you might think I’m crazy” it gives her that same feeling. I will work with her on every website or business idea I have!

Kristin Smith

Not quite the right fit for you? Explore my other website design options.

If you're perhaps not quite ready for the investment in a custom website, you would be a great fit for one of my highly flexible starter doula website templates. Or perhaps you will decide to build your own website with my hourly support? My ebooks & courses are designed to grow your skills and independence as a business owner, including search engine optimization.


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