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doula facebook live topics

>> Join me on my 2nd official Facebook Live Wednesday, August 2nd at 1p.m. EST. for more information about tips and tricks to using Facebook Live. >> Watch my first episode here >> Not yet a fan of my Facebook page? Join me here. So I did my first facebook live yesterday! Honestly I never… >> READ MORE

facebook live for doulas

>> Join me on my 2nd official Facebook Live Wednesday, August 2nd at 1p.m. EST. for more information about tips and tricks to using Facebook Live. >> Watch my first episode here Not yet a fan of my Facebook page? Join me here. >> You can also sign up for weekly notification emails to find… >> READ MORE

how to rock your doula website about page

The about page is one of those that too often feels like an after thought on doula websites, much like the resources page. (See my guide to your resources page here!). The standard format seems to be a quick introductory paragraph, a list of trainings & credentials, and perhaps a photo or two. While the… >> READ MORE

doula business card

Way back when I started my life as a self-employed doula and a childbirth educator, a tiny business card was all I needed. It was a standard VistaPrint design (the funkiest one they had), and included my Name, Services, Phone Number, Email, and Website. Full colour on the front, blank on the back. Old school… >> READ MORE

full time doula jobs

So you love birth and babies. You’d LOVE to imagine yourself doing this work full-time but aren’t sure if that is a wise move for your bank account. While there are definitely factors you should consider before taking the leap, if you are willing to do the work to build your doula business, the answer… >> READ MORE

doula website resources page tips

Oh the resources page… Perhaps the most under-utilized page on doula websites, usually consisting of no more than a list of linked resources for pregnancy and birth. But isn’t that what a resources page is SUPPOSED to be, you ask?  Well yes, and no. Yes, you want to provide great resources to site visitors and… >> READ MORE

how to register a doula domain name

The mere logistics of getting started with your website journey can feel completely overwhelming at the beginning. If you’ve seen someone on a forum casually mention “registering a domain name” and you’re not even sure what a domain name is, or how to register one, let alone how to choose a domain name or connect… >> READ MORE

doula website traffic analytics

What plug-in do you recommend for knowing the statistics on your doula website traffic? This is one of the questions y’all asked in my 2017 website questions survey, which I am answering bit by bit over the year to come. While the answer is partially dependent on the type of website you have, all of… >> READ MORE

google your doula business

You’re pretty much not going to like what I have to say here. You might find it disheartening, dismaying, disempowering, disappointing, and likely a few other dis- words I’m not thinking of at the moment. Admit it – you’ve Googled yourself (along with a few exes…) It is interesting to see what comes up, and… >> READ MORE

free doula stock photos

Let’s face it – there is a wide range of truly bad stock photography out there readily available for you to illustrate your birth or postpartum services website. Cheesy, unrealistic, excessive pregnant glow, and Very limited diversity represented in ethnicity, and LGBTQI families. Most photos of birth involve a health care practitioner & a blood… >> READ MORE

Doula Google Plus Business page tutorial

A while back I wrote a post about how stock photo companies seem to be a tad clueless as to the sheer numbers of birth and postpartum professionals who are looking for good quality photos of pregnancy, birth and doula care in action. Instead of photos of doulas we get Michael Douglas and fir trees…… >> READ MORE

doula website domain name

More often than not, I get a new client calling me for help building their new website who has a fantastic creative name for their doula business that has only one major catch: The domain name is not available. Perhaps someone else is using it for their doula domain, or often an individual or company… >> READ MORE


5 tips for doulas who blog

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